Saturday, September 22, 2012

Indiana Jones

Brian LOVES Legos and gets fixed on one set. He plays with that theme over and over all day long. He uses all the Legos that he and William share to build whatever the story may be for his favorite theme. Brian has loved Indiana Jones since February. In fact when he was interviewed for his Make A Wish trip he said he wanted to meet Indiana Jones. They granted his wish and Brian had a great experience. (I still need to post all the pics). I was reminded to post the following picture of Brian and Indiana Jones when I found this drawing on my computer desk last week. Our kids draw pictures everyday and everyone is their new favorite. But this one, yes, this one IS a new favorite.  Brian drew Indiana Jones.

Brian and Indiana Jones.
When Indiana Jones found out Brian was on his Make A Wish Trip he gave Brian a hat. It's special, you can't go buy it in the gift shop. It is the hat the actor wears in the stunt show. Brian felt like a king. It was great. So of course for Brian's birthday he wanted Indiana Jones Legos. We searched and realized they no longer sell them in the stores. We had to search on E-bay and my, oh my, are they pricey. I must say though, he is one sweet and grateful boy.

Chemo Calendar

This is Brian's second September calendar. The hurricane kinda messed up his schedule. Remember I said he would be having chemo next week? Well, scratch that. He will have it the week of October the first. If you remember we even asked why they were scheduling Brian with a two week break instead of the usual three. Anywho...we got a call that somehow the scheduling was overlooked and he was pushed back to the week of October 1st. So, here are Brian's chemo calendars for Sept. and October.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

All is Well

 Thanks for praying for Brian last week. He did get sick on day two (as always), however, we didn't have to go to the ER. That's a huge blessing.
   We had our AC on our van repaired. We are so thankful that Fred knows a good mechanic that we trust.  We aren't out an outrageous amount of money. I am pretty sure he gave us a break on labor costs because he ended up having to repair a part he replaced last summer. The warranty expired at 12 months, but the mechanic still felt bad that it went out so quickly. Very awesome. God provides.
    Brian's counts will drop over this coming week and a half. Instead of having three weeks to recover he will only have two. I guess they are trying to get him back on track after missing a week b/c of the hurricane. Plus, if they didn't try to "make that time up" he would be due to receive chemo the week of Christmas. That's not cool, so we are thankful that they are looking at things like that. We are concerned about his little body so please pray that he is able to handle chemo sooner than his body is used to.
  All is well in the Schreiber house. Thank you for loving us and praying for us.

Here are some cute pictures of Mr. Brian and his bestie and older brother, William.

These two always have tons of fun together, but when it comes to school I typically have to separate them. They are only a year apart, so there are some things that they do together. William gets SO mad if I am asking him a question and Brian yells out the answer. God has just gifted Brian with some smarts. He has never really "done" school, but he has just absorbed everything he hears Ansley and William learning. This year Brian is in Kindergarten. Yesterday I attempted to be fun Mom and we did our spelling and phonics outside. I made boys sit back to back so they couldn't see what the other was writing.
   For those of you that are curious what we are doing, we are using our All About Spelling curriculum. I LOVE it. In this picture you see me reviewing with the boys. I say a sound and they write down what they heard. Then we mix it up and I say a letter and they tell me the sounds that letter makes. For exampe, C says /k/ and /s/. They then say the rule that C says /s/ before e, i or y.

These boys are just too cute!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chemo 9-5-12

Brian started his chemo week yesterday. In true Schreiber fashion the week is not without some drama.
 We started the day early as we had to get Brian's blood work done before we headed to Classical Conversations at 9:00. Because of the holiday, our Monday school met on Tuesday this week. We typically do blood work the Friday before a chemo week, however, this past Friday, in an effort to complete school assignments before we headed to the lab, we ended up not getting blood work done. I didn't realize the lab closed early on Fridays. Oops. That's what I get for making school a priority.  :-)
So, Tuesday we headed to the clinic at 8:00 AM to get some blood work done, then went to our CC day. After school we headed back to the hospital for Brian's doctor appointment and chemo at 1:30. Several days ago William was sick and his cough has lingered (mostly at night), so we made an appointment with his pediatrician for 3:30. We wanted to make sure there wasn't anything we should be doing for William and didn't want to put it off another day. As it was, we had already put it off thinking he would get rid of that cough soon enough. William hadn't been sick the last few days, but Sunday night and Monday night were not good nights of sleep for William as he was constantly hacking and coughing.
Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 we saw the oncologist, got Brian checked in on the infusion side, had his port accessed, then waited. When the chemo drugs still had not arrived by 3:00, William, Olivia and I left Fred, Ansley and Brian at the hospital and headed to the pediatrician's office.
Olivia was a goof and having a great time in the waiting room. William was having a good time taking pictures. I felt silly sitting in the sick waiting area because clearly my kids were not sick. :-)

When we got back to our room we waited a while. The doctor was busy and since they were working us in I didn't mind the wait. Olivia, William and I had read about seven books when Olivia wanted to sit on my lap. She sat quietly at first. I assumed she was tired from the long day. Then she started getting whiny and fussy. She felt like dead weight and was hot.
That's when the pediatrician came in.  I told her we were there for William's lingering cough, but in the last thirty minutes of waiting Olivia had gotten sick! Sure enough, Olivia had a temp of almost 102. I am sure she has whatever William had.

We love our pediatrician and she took good care of both kiddos. We got home just a few minutes after the other three. Brian did well through chemo and was excited for us all to be home.
With sick kiddos, Fred worked from home while I took Brian to chemo at 8:00 this morning. The pharmacy didn't have the chemo ready so we played until it was ready a little after 9:00. We were home by 10:00 and Fred went off to work. The drama of today is that I have come to grips with the fact that my AC in my van is out. It has been faulty for the last several weeks, working off and on at random times. For some reason it decided to bite the bullet and quit putting out cold air altogether. We will take it in and get it fixed soon, but this week we need our transportation. Thankfully it isn't too hot. It was kinda nice to drive around with our windows down today.  
One of the things that Brian did this morning to pass some time while waiting on the pharmacy to get the chemo ready was draw pictures. There is a golf tournament next week and I believe it is to raise funds for Nemours. I was told they like to give pictures drawn by the patients to those individuals that donate money. Brian was asked to draw a picture about golf and to write his name and age on it.
This is what he came up with:
It was so adorable. I was so proud. When I told Brian that Miss Erin (the Sacred Heart employee that asked him to do it) would love the picture he looked at me and said, "Nope. This isn't for her, this is for Daddy."
We're going to have to get it framed for Daddy. It's a special picture. So, I asked Brian to draw a different picture we could give to Miss Erin for the fund raiser and he drew the picture below.

Sweet boy!!!

Please keep praying for him. This is the dreaded day two that always makes him sick. We are praying that if he is going to get sick it will be in the next few hours so we can go back to the clinic rather than the ER.  :-)