Wednesday, September 11, 2013

He Has An Extra Curricular Activity!!!

Many of you may remember me making mention of the extra curricular activities in our house. The conversation went something like this, "Ansley has dance and piano, William has guitar and piano, Olivia has dance and piano...and I have chemo!!"
   Yes, Brian would happily shout that he "gets to do chemo". He just hasn't had the energy or desire to do anything. Legos and video games have been his thing. Well, getting that port out has been a life changer for Brian. He is THRILLED to run around and be rough and tumble with his friends.
    On Tuesday evenings Olivia has a dance class from 4-5. At the end of the class the dance teacher instructed the students staying for the tumbling class to sit against the wall. Olivia sweetly asked if she could stay because she has wanted to take gymnastics for quite some time. We haven't looked into it too seriously because we have not been able to add one more thing to our schedule. I am very protective of our time and do not over schedule us outside of our home. It's something I have had to do because of Brian's illness, but now I treasure it. Anyway, I got permission for Olivia to try the class out. While standing outside watching through the window I noticed a little boy in the class. William and Brian expressed interest and the one little boy's mom overheard. She looked at me and said, "Oh please do let them go in. My son would love to have more little boys in the class." I asked for permission to send my boys in. It was an instant hit. The teacher is a male, coach Dale. Our boys LOVED every second of the class, so much so that they have renamed our Tuesdays. Tuesday is our Classical Conversations day and it has been the highlight of our week for years. Apparently it has moved to the back burner because our three tumbling kiddos now refer to Tuesday's as our Tumbling Tuesdays.

  The class will not be this large. Apparently several parents heard "try it out" and sent their kids in there. We are thankful that our three got to slide on in and be a part of this class. We LOVE In His Steps. It's not just a studio were they learn some music, dance and tumbling, but it is a ministry. (We do all of our extra curricular activities at IHS.) The teachers are pouring their hearts and their love for the Lord into our children. We love that our boys have another positive male role model. Coach Dale is also a pastor. :)
  So, hooray! for Brian being able to say he does something other than chemo!!!