Saturday, July 6, 2013

Update and Scans

Brian had X-rays yesterday to take a peek at his bones. If all is clear then he will be approved to have his port removed. We are obviously excited, but ask for continued prayers. Brian has not received chemotherapy treatment since the first week of April (2013). We believe that he is doing well. He looks great and has tons of little boy energy. That's something he hasn't had much of the last four years! So far, no new LCH symptoms. We we told by Dr. McClain that it would be a less than 20% chance of a recurrence. If LCH is active and going to do more damage it would be in the bone. 
    Brian's diabetes insipidus is being manage with several pills multiple times a day, and he is champ at swallowing his DDAVP. 
    In April of 2010 Brian had his first port removed after six and a half months of chemo. His first couple sets of scans and bloodwork looked good before he started showing symptoms again. That is when in September of 2010 he had his second, and current, port implanted. While we are thrilled to get it out of him, we remember(and so does he) Brian asking,"just two ports, right, Mommy and Daddy?" So getting his port removed is coupled with both excitement and some anxiety
  Please keep our family in your prayers. It means so much to know that we have an army of believers supporting us and standing with us! 
 Love, the Schreibers

Here is a cute picture of the kids.

And some pictures of Brian's X-rays

When he's nervous he starts off wild and disobedient...

then he moves to scared and clingly. 

They are always so great to let Brian peek at his bones.

 His cute little hands

his sweet little feet
In this one you can see his port line

The hallway from the waiting room to the imaging room has art from students at local schools. Brian likes these monsters the best. He wanted pictures with his favorites. We are hoping and praying that our trips down this hall are dwindling down.