Friday, October 24, 2014

Update Oct. 2014

We saw Dr. McClain today and received GOOD news. Brian's MRI was NOT changed. This is wonderful as it means that Brian does not have to start any new treatment. Brian does have symptoms presenting, but Dr. McClain said that in their current state he would not do anything to treat them. If the lesions get as big as a thumb or if Brian starts to have balance problems, or significant drainage from the ears, then doctor McClain would want to treat. But since none of those things are going on and Brian's MRI is unchanged then we continue to watch. This is fantastic. Brian has a tremor, but he has been exposed to some harsh chemo over four and a half years of treatment. (September 2014 marked five years since diagnosis and Brian hasn't been on chemo since April 2014.) We are thankful for the blessing of today's good news and the reassurance that Dr. McClain will not be retiring for several years. And after that time he will not retire but just adjust his schedule. We are SO thrilled he will be Brian's doctor for the foreseeable future! 
  Thank you for your prayers for our precious Brian Robert!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back to Texas Children's

We are in Houston to see Dr. McClain again. Brian has been off chemo since April, but just like the past several years he started showing symptoms by early fall. Truly, he has a pattern. Just a few months off treatment and symptoms come back! So, here we are. Yesterday Brian had an MRI and he did it withOUT sedation. Forty-five minutes in a loud, clanging-banging MRI tube LIKE A BOSS!!! We are so proud of him.

Today we went to the Houston Zoo for a fun family day. Thursday's the doctors and radiologists at Texas Children's Cancer Center review files and discuss treatment plans. We were told Brian's case would be one of the top studied and reviewed today. Tomorrow we meet with Dr. McClain and discuss where to go from here. Thank you for your prayers. We are carried by them. We will keep you updated.

(Trying to add pictures but can't figure it out from my phone.)