Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monthly Appointment

Brian's counts continue to be good (given all he has going on) and his liver function is good too. After today's appointment we went over the infusion side and said hello to one of our favorite nurses that we miss. We hate not seeing her often but we are SOOO thankful that we don't HAVE to see her often. She had to get a wheelchair for another patient so she walked with us to the elevators. We enjoyed chatting with her and getting the update on another nurse from the infusion center that we miss.
Brian and Nurse Sherry

Thursday, November 14, 2013


The PET scan was never sent to Texas Children's for Dr. McClain to view. Fred went down to Sacred Heart and got it on CD to send it Fed Ex to Texas.
  After Dr. McClain and the Histio review board looked at the images we heard back on the findings. Apparently they were not able to merge the images to view things like you are typically able to do. Each individual image appeared OK, but not being able to merge made it difficult to really diagnosis anything from this particular PET scan.
   OK, all that means nothing to me, but Dr. McClain said we could redo the PET scan in Texas, but there was no sense of urgency so we could wait until we are there in April. We are taking that as good news.