Monday, March 21, 2011

The New Plan

We heard from our Hem/Onc doctor and have a new course of treatment. Starting this Wednesday (3/23/11) we will go back to the drug Vinblastine with a steroid combination. We are switching back to the original steroid that Brian took during his first round of chemo. (Sept 2009-April 2010) The steroid that he took from Sept 2010- Dec. 2010 has too many long term side effects that we are not interested in. Apparently it was a stronger steroid. The doctor told us that he was switchingback to Prednisone because he didn't want Brian to need a hip replacement in a few years as the stronger steroid causes bone issues. Umm....YEAH!
   Instead of doing the initial six week induction period for a third time in Brian's young life the doctor modified it. Brian will have four weeks of weekly infusions of Vinblatine with steroids on week one and week three. Then he will move to a every three week infusion followed by five days of steroids. He will have to do this for one year.
  This is a lot. The infusions are not fun. Getting Brian accessed has become more of a struggle. He doesn't like "being hooked up to a machine" as he says. And he isn't too fond of going to the doctor at all. This past Thursday the kids and I had a picnic outside and we saw a helicopter flying. We live near Sacred Heart and the airport. Brian has seen Life Flight land on the roof at Sacred while we were at one of our appointments. When one of the kids pointed out the helicopter Brian smile mischievously and stated, "I hope it crushes my doctor." He knows that the helicopters land at his doctors office and he thought if it crushes the building then he wouldn't have to go to chemo anymore.
   Please keep our family in your prayers. We pray that we are a testimony of God's faithfulness and reveal His glory to the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology doctors and nurses. Well, and the other six thousand nurses, specialist and techs we come in contact with.  :)

And lastly, Brian will have to have a chest X-ray this week because he STILL has a nasty cough from when he was sick in January.

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Mary W said...

I'm so glad you have this blog so I can keep up with your family, even though you are not at McIlwain now. We miss you all, but are glad for Clif and Circle Church, and so happy you have made that connection. I'm still praying for y'all, and will keep it up.